Here at Plum, we’re on a journey to find a little more balance in our lives, truly connect with the people around us, and have plenty of laughs along the way. Join us for inspiration, motivation, and a healthy dose of yoga pants! 

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Choose Joy!

This time of year we feel particularly excited and it’s not just for the Netflix Gilmore Girls revival. While it may seem like January is ripe for boutique fitness with its new year/ new you, resolutions, and goal setting, December is actually the month that gets us inspired. Planners plan. Visualize. Contemplate. Prepare. Anticipate. Each … Continue reading Choose Joy!

Everyone is Wearing Yoga Pants and It’s Not a Problem!

“It’s hard to tell who’s going to yoga because everyone is wearing yoga pants.” This from the parking lot attendant who monitors Plum’s parking lot. Our studio is on lowest Greenville in East Dallas, a hip, urban area of foodie friendly farm to table restaurants, local specialty shops, boutique fitness, and tattoo parlors anchored by … Continue reading Everyone is Wearing Yoga Pants and It’s Not a Problem!

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