Resolve to Evolve

We don’t meet people by accident. They are meant to cross our path for a reason. We just have to trust the timing.

In January, Kurt Johnsen will join the team at Plum and start teaching classes. Kurt shares our vision of health, happiness and community. As the founder of Americanan Power Yoga (APY), Kurt has been instrumental in bringing yoga as a powerful tool to many people in the Dallas community and beyond. We are so excited to have Kurt bring his practice and his teaching to our boutique studio on Greenville Ave.unspecified


At Plum we are not doing yoga to get better at yoga. We are doing yoga to get better at life! We are working towards a fully integrated fitness program mixing strength and flexibility with Plum Fit and Yoga for optimal health. Together with Kurt, we are offering programming to help bridge the gap between yoga and life.

Change is inevitable but transformation is a conscious choice. January is the perfect timing for this evolution.

So take a deep dive, start fresh and join us with our $99 January monthly-unlimited classes as we RESOLVE to EVOLVE.

In January, Kurt will also be teaching a series of workshops at Plum. You can sign up on our website. Don’t over think it! Sign up now for discounted pricing. You wont regret it.

Happy Healthy Humans: the Yoga of Everyday Life is a fun, thought provoking workshop that will take your practice off the mat and into your life.

Learn how to break old habits and take positive steps toward making health and happiness a priority in your life. Step outside of your comfort zone and decide to start living the life you imagined.

Sat, Jan 7 (1:30- 3:30) Lifestyle 101: Pursuit of Happiness Lecture & Workshop

Sat, Jan 21 (1:30- 3:30) Yoga 101: Power of the Practice

Sat, Jan 28 (1:30- 3:30) Energy 101: Master Class Flow

KJ on HG rooftop.jpg

With over 20 years of martial arts training including a master level in Tibetan Kung Fu, Kurt will be introducing dynamic, intense and inspiring workouts to the PlumFit Program for daily detox and cardio conditioning. With yoga and PlumFit we can help making meditative movement part of your life.

The next few months will be a period of magnificent transformation. Join us!

Meet Kurt at Plum for Happy Hour on January 5, 2017 from 5:30-6:30 pm. Look for his classes on the schedule starting in January.

Every accomplishment starts with a decision to try.

Choose Joy!

This time of year we feel particularly excited and it’s not just for the Netflix Gilmore Girls revival. While it may seem like January is ripe for boutique fitness with its new year/ new you, resolutions, and goal setting, December is actually the month that gets us inspired.

Planners plan. Visualize. Contemplate. Prepare. Anticipate. Each month we plan for the next. I organize a Pinterest Board. Create a PowerPoint deck. Develop a vision and we come up with a monthly theme to keep us and our community engaged, motivated and moving forward.  “Grow For It” in April  • “Find Your Spark” in July • “Your Move” in  Movember

The holidays are when we want to be fully present, connect with family and friends, be grateful, joyful and in the moment. So many parallels with yoga, it’s almost too easy. On our mat, we breathe, plug in to our bodies, connect energetically to those around us and work to be fully in the moment.

At least we know that is what should happen on our mat. But do we allow that to happen? Are we really present for class or are we making a to-do list in our head? Are we present for our loved ones or just waiting for our turn to talk? Do we live yoga off the mat? It’s easy to say- but hard to practice.

PRINTS PLUM-4333.jpg

Stress is high in December too. You have so much to do. Obligations. Parties. Plans. People to take care of. Details to juggle. Late nights. Extra food. Extra wine. Fun, yes! But, time to exercise? Not so much. And if you’re not careful, you could fall into Grinch-mode pretty easily.

Let’s think outside the cliché, and consider making a resolution early this year. Put your oxygen mask on first. Resolve to take care of you. Give yourself a moment. Breathe deeply.

Resolve to be present this holiday. Resolve to be joy full.

One of our favorites restorative poses to help you stay present and restore joy is a Modified Fish Pose. Not only is it a much needed release for computer-weary necks and shoulders, it can help expand your chest, relieve tension, lift your heart and lighten your mood. And who doesn’t want that?

Enter to win your own Manduka Home Meditation Kit with each class you take at Plum

For this pose you will need a cork block, a curved foam block and a strap. We love these props from Manduka.  Grab 2 small blankets or towels to roll up and place under your knees. The Manuka yoga blankets work great for the pose. We use all of these in our classes and we sell them too.
Sit on your mat. Place the (softer) foam block (curved side up) behind you where you think your shoulder blades will rest when you lie back.

Place the cork block at the highest height where you think your head will rest comfortably when you lie back.

For your strap set up, insert the end of your strap into the buckle and tighten to make a belt around your waist. Bend your knees and place the soles of your feet together. Allow your legs to butterfly open. Open the loop wide enough so that the belt is around your waist and the bound soles of your feet.img_2868

Gently release your back onto the shoulder block so that your shoulder blades are just above the block. Release your head to the second block so that it is comfortable for your neck, adjusting the block height as needed.


Once comfortable, take place a rolled up blanket under each knee, allow your arms to relax on either side of you, and breathe deeply.

Sink into the pose for 5-10 minutes and be completely relaxed, absorbed, and present. 10 minutes on your mat each day (or as often as possible) will change your perspective this holiday.

Busy is a choice. Stress is a choice. Joy is a choice. Choose wisely. Make your moments matter.

Be Happy for This Moment. This Moment is Your Life.


The holiday season is a time of planning and preparation, but it’s also a time of memories, family, laughter and joy. Use your gifts to brighten spirits and spread cheer, remembering that joy can be found in even the most ordinary moments. Take a deep breath and enjoy the beauty of the season – fully aware, fully alive. These are the memories life is made of – stay Joy Full.

This month we are here to inspire you to find joy in even the smallest moments.  We know the holidays can feel stressful, but they dont have to!  During the month of December, we have a carefully curated schedule of classes to de-stress, retail to make holiday gifts easier and tea to reinvigorate your holiday spirit. Follow us as we count down with our Advent Calendar. Each day we reveal a unique gift idea, free giveaway or special promotion. Our gift to you. 


Everyone is Wearing Yoga Pants and It’s Not a Problem!

“It’s hard to tell who’s going to yoga because everyone is wearing yoga pants.” This from the parking lot attendant who monitors Plum’s parking lot. Our studio is on lowest Greenville in East Dallas, a hip, urban area of foodie friendly farm to table restaurants, local specialty shops, boutique fitness, and tattoo parlors anchored by a Traders Joes. The street is also known as home to Dallas’ first Steel City Pops, the Truck Yard and Daddy Jacks.

Parking in the area can be tricky. But, not for us. We have a lot across the street, one behind the building and an easy access overflow lot. All marked with signs for Plum and monitored during peak times.

According to the parking lot attendant the problem is not parking- there is plenty. The problem is yoga pants. Everyone wears them.

Now from someone who wears yoga pants every day and sells 10 different brands of yoga pants, I see his point. But a problem, no, definitely not a problem. Of course we are wearing yoga pants. They are versatile, seasonless and most of all, comfortable.

To bridge the gap between class and carpool or backbends and brunch, we’ve come up with some context clues that may help to figure out which pants are actually going to yoga.


  • Practice pants aka- “Studio style” – Fun and flattering, these pants are going to yoga… or spin, or piliates, or barre. Plan to move in these pants. We love a high waist. Enough stretch to stay in place. Truly opaque, performance fabric you cannot see through. Quick dry, odor resistant and moisture wicking. In these pants you will look great as you rock your best headstand, drop just a little deeper into your lunge or push up higher in your wheel.


  • Ath-leisure wear—these pants are for comfort and style. Don’t confine these pants to no shower days on the couch. Yoga pants are perfect for running around and doing errands. And for brunch! Elastic waists were made for brunch. Live layered — throw on a leather jacket or an oversized sweater over your yoga pants and tank and your look works for running from happy baby to happy hour. Accessories make the outfit—add a statement bag, sunglasses and your favorite shoes- from Adidas Superstars to OTK boots, from Chuck Taylors to ankle booties- and ta da- fabulous!


  • Insta pic—go bold with edgy prints that help you stand out in a sea of black pants. Fabulous prints on function fabrics for flexibility, endurance and most of all insta-pics!

Comfortable, convenient and versatile, yoga pants are real pants and be prepared to see a lot of them on Greenville Ave. They are going to Stress Reduction Stretch class at Plum, to lattes at Mudsmith, to brunch at HG SPLY CO and posing for Instagram pics by the Bullzerk BIG Dallas. Not a problem!

We’re honored to be featured as one of Well+Good’s 11 Coolest New Boutique Studios!

screen-shot-2016-10-17-at-7-22-57-pmThis week, Well+Good named Plum Yoga one of the 11 Coolest New Studios in Boutique Fitness, an honor we’re thrilled to share with an amazing set of studios across the country (and Canada!) Check out their writeup below, and follow this link to see the full list of studios.

“Nestled on a block full of farm-to-table restaurants in the Lower Greenville neighborhood, Plum Yoga is a community for millennial yogis who believe yoga makes you better at life—a message that is reinforced on its cheeky tanks that say “Get off your asana.” The light, airy space offers various types of yoga classes in addition to fitness classes that involve gymnastics rings, which are all about increasing your mobility. Plum’s also the exclusive retailer of San Francisco-based T-WE—a tongue-in-cheek, artisanal loose-leaf tea brand with crafted blends (you can order a tea called “precious angel kitten”)—and has a full boutique full of activewear for every body type, to take you from happy baby to happy hour.”